Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki is easy to find:

  1. Our street address is Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250 Helsinki. It is a short, narrow, one-way street; the first parallel street to the right of Mannerheim Street when you are travelling into the city centre along Mannerheim Street. The block of apartment buildings separating it from Mannerheim Street is not very wide (only about 50 metres), and it runs between Tukholmankatu and Stenbäckinkatu.

  2. Take a number 4 or number 10 tram and get off at the Töölöntulli tram stop. This stop is at the intersection of Tukholmankatu and Mannerheim Street where there is a Shell service station. Then you will only be about 100 metres away from our institute. Look around and you will see a taxi rank. Töölöntullinkatu starts from that taxi rank, and the institute is there at that end of the street on the right.

  3. The Shell station mentioned in the previous paragraph is also a landmark for all buses travelling along Mannerheim Street, Tukholmankatu and Topeliuksenkatu that stop at Töölöntulli.

  4. If you travel by car, the nearest free place to park your car is some distance away behind the old ice hockey stadium at the end of Lääkärinkatu bordering Central Park. Unfortunately, there are no free parking places for students at the institute.

  5. When you get close to Töölöntullinkatu, look up at the upper floors of the nearby buildings. The name of the institute (Helsingin aikuisopisto) is written in big letters on the facade.

  6. You can find Helsingin aikuisopisto on Facebook by typing Helsingin aikuisopisto in the search field.

  7. If you have any questions, you can of course phone the institute: (09) 41 500 300, or send a fax: (09) 41 500 333. Another alternative is to contact us by email:

  8. There is a street map on these web pages in case you need one.

Welcome to the institute!

Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki | Toolontullinkatu 8, FI-00250 Helsinki | +358 9 41 500 300 | toimisto(at)